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Explore our startup eco-system and connect with entrepreneurs, service providers and potential investors.


Our user-friendly platform empowers connection: of people to people, and ideas to reality. An entire startup eco-system at your fingertips!


Our platform enables the free exchange of ideas through meaningful conversation. You can engage with members via chat, private messaging and active discussions.


While making something out of nothing is as magical and maddeningly difficult as ever, you don’t have to do it alone. Browse our community and partner up with the people, freelancers and service providers that matter to you.

Private Groups

Entrepreneurial organizations now have the ability to provide a social environment for their members, all while having direct access to the resources and human capital of our general community.

Your Online Startup Eco-System


Is V E N T U R E P H I L E for you? Of course it is!


Connect with like-minded people,validate your ideas, find a co-founder, get business advice, interact with potential investors, and entrepreneurs. All from one convenient location.

Service Providers

Whether you are an accounting, law, design, or development firm, entrepreneurs rely on experts to stay competitive. Be there when they need you.


Follow the startup activity in your area and improve your deal flow. The next investment opportunity is out there. We’ll be the platform to help start those conversations.


You’ve got skill. Why not offer your services to up-and-coming startups? Be a part of their success.


As a startup you can find and engage with customers, collect feedback, showcase your company, and find future employees


Universities, Co-working spaces, business incubators, startup accelerators, angel networks, venture capital firms, request a private group and begin interacting today.

V E N T U R E P H I L E is VentureWare for today’s entrepreneurial eco-system.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, service provider or potential investor, your future partners are out there but finding them shouldn’t be left to chance. Our user-friendly platform empowers connection: of people to people, and ideas to reality. Our forward-thinking members span all interests and industries, pooling together talent and matching needs in a way that renders serendipity obsolete. (Or maybe just much easier.)